Premium ColorLine

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Live the color way of life with our Premium ColorLine !

World Premiere !

– Ergonomic Fingergrip
– Non-tiring Steam Button
– Removable Cable Reel

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  • Micro steam is gently on your laundry
  • 300 ml Tank
  • Ergonomic Finger Grip
  • Non-tiring Steam Button
  • Removable Cable Reel
  • Unique Steam Boiler
  • Only 800 W Power Consumption
  • One temperature adjustment for all textiles
  • No damaging or the textiles possible
  • High-quality ceramic sole
  • Retractable cable winding system
  • As good as no limescale inside the unit


  • LOEWE Premium Steam iron
  • Funnel
  • Measuring jug
  • Rubber blanket
  • Safety cover lid
  • Manual


Our steam iron is based on a technical concept that is completely different to the conventional steam irons. The development is predicated on the insight, that the best results in ironing aren’t achieved by an enormous heat but with a very high steam pressure.

Therefore the iron works with special micro steam and a power demand of only 800 watt. So you can iron all textiles as cotton, silk, wool, linen etc. with a single temperature adjustment without damaging the cloth.

The water filled in is heated directly in the boiler and through the steam conducting channels the water vapour is optimally spread in the device. So you can use tap water irrespective of its hardness and still there will be only little limescale inside of the iron.

Our steam iron has a high-quality scratch-resistant bottom plate made of ceramic, which provides a special ability to glide upon the different materials where other irons with a steal bottom plate fail.  Because of the micro atomization the device features a particularly economical water consumption.

In addition, the PowerStation has a removable cable winding system on the back of the device. Therefore the cable is stored well and protected from possible wrinkles and cracks.

On the provided rubber blanket the iron can be deposited comfortably. There is a product warranty of 5 years on the high pressure tank.

By using our steam iron, your precious textiles won’t be ironed only, but additionally cared for through the micro steam emission. Your textiles will thank you !

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black/green, white/green, black, lilac


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